Hair Extension Options For Men: Dreadlock Extensions & Man Weave

Hair extensions for men have become much more common. In 2015, Fetty Wap released his hit single Trap Queen and, shortly after, grew dreads overnight. Fetty Wap was interviewed by " Hot 97" and stated that he did get human hair dreadlock extensions, and as expected by most people, he received a lot of disrespect and backlash about it from his fans and internet trolls.

Recently we have been seeing so much more men now getting dreadlock extensions. Getting dreadlock extensions are another way to skip the ugly stage that everyone goes through in the beginning.

Dreadlock extensions

Considering Permanent Dreadlock Extensions?

  • Check out Life Masterz; he's a Youtuber who gives an in-depth outlook of his journey.

  • Check out IsraeltheGreat; he explains why he wanted dreadlock extensions.

Hair Loss In Men

Most men across the world are affected by baldness. Studies have shown bald men have self-esteem issues. According to the " Journal of Investigative Dermatology," male baldness is not determined by genetics. Baldness in men is also not determined by the mother's side of the family.

Who would've thought that male baldness was more complex than simple family genes?

Below is a detailed tutorial by Da Fit Barber on how he installs, man weaves, or a man unit on his clientele.

How Much Will It Cost

Men are usually paying at most $25 for a haircut. The price also includes the tip. I am about to blow your top off with how much more you will have to pay to get your hair done by a professional.

I have called up many salons getting quotes on their prices for a man weave. You would be paying about $200 to get this done by a professional in a salon.

Is It Worth It

Depending on your reasoning for wanting to get hair extensions, it could definitely be worth it. If you are a male who has lost confidence in themself because you have gone bald, then getting hair extensions installed is a way to boost your confidence. Men wearing hair extensions is becoming much more accepted, but there are closed-minded individuals out there who would think otherwise. Don't let negative minded people get in the way of what will truly make you happy.

Are you starting your dreadlock journey, and you do not want to go through the "ugly phase," then deadlock extensions would be great.

If you are looking to get permanent dreadlocks extensions, as an option depending on your salon location, it will cost about $800-$1000.

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