Quick And Easy Hair styles with and without Hair Extensions

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Best Easy Hair Styles with Hair Extensions

Easy Hair extension styles
Hair Styles With And Without Hair Extensions

Let me ask you this. When you think of hair extensions, what is the first style that pops in your mind?

Did you think of clip ins, sew ins, tape ins, braids, wigs etc? If you did think any of the items mentioned then you are correct. all those types of styles fall under hair extensions.

There once was a stigma that only people with short hair would wear extensions, but now times have changed! Girls who have 22 inches of hair are out here wearing hair extensions as well. Just because you have long hair does not mean that you are exempt from wearing hair extensions. If you have 22 inches of hair, and you love changing your look, then there is no need to put your natural hair through the wringer. You have all types of different color hair extensions that you can accomplish any style you want now.

So this article is going to list different quick and easy hair styles that can be done with hair extensions and with out extensions, that anybody can do at home. If you don't have the extra money to go to the salon like you used to, you are not alone because of this pandemic statistics show that 60% of people are holding on to their extra money.

PonyTail Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are a time saver and if used correctly, you can accomplish some amazing styles

Here are a couple of simple and easy hair styles done with clip ins that anyone can do from the comfort of their bathroom mirror!

This first hairstyle is simple and a sleek classic. To complete this style you would need to have a full set of clips in hair extensions. Most clip in hair extensions come with 7 and sometimes 8 clip ins varying in size. Click on the image to watch how she completed this simple hair style

For my girls with coils, who are trying to rock your natural hair but you want to give your TWA a little volume, kinky curly hair extension clip ins most certainly come in handy. To learn how to add clip ins to your hair and create a style from it. Click the image to watch the full detailed video on how to create this low bun with hair extension clip ins.

Jumbo Braid Ponytail

The jumbo braid ponytail is a 2020 sensation. This look is effortless and costs less than $10 to complete. Now if you ask me, that is a deal! This hairstyle requires a little more finesse but is still considered a fairly easy style, if you are looking for an easy elegant hairstyle that you can accomplish from the comfort of your home with out anyones assistance than this style is perfect for you. Click the image to watch the tutorial on this exact hairstyle. Happy Slaying!

Dutch Braid

Are you looking for a cute and secure hairstyle when you are going to the gym? Then the Dutch Braid is perfect for you. Better than putting your hair up with just a hair tie only for your hair to flop down back onto your shoulders after 3 burpees!

Learn how to do your own Dutch braid without having to go to the hair salon! Watch this very detailed tutorial on how to do this hairstyle.

Halo Braid

Learn how to do the perfect halo braid on your natural hair. This style has been around for years and is the perfect DIY braid hairstyle for beginners or if you are just here looking for a little inspiration for your next hairstyle.

Click the image to watch this very detailed tutorial on how to accomplish this very simple but elegant halo braid. Perfect hairstyle fit for a queen.

High Ponytail With Cleo Cuff

Here is a very simple hairstyle that you could do in your sleep. What makes this hairstyle unique is the gold cleo cuff.

Step 1: Part a small section in the front of your hair about 1 inch in depth and split the hair you just separated in the front of your hair and split into 2 parts.

Step 2: Pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail with a small hair tie to the top of your head. once complete you add the gold cleo cuff over your hair and snap it closed.

High ponytail hair style
Cleo Cuff Ponytail

Ninja Bun with Bangs

Protective style for natural hair. Try the ninja bun with bangs.You would need some hair extensions to achieve this look. All you would need for this hairstyle is one pack of spetra pre stretched braiding hair since this braiding hair is much straighter than other brands. So you will not have to apply as many strokes with your flat iron

Heatless Overnight Curls

Protect your hair from heat damage, try the new trending robe method to achieve some very defined beach waves without adding heat to your hair. Yes you heard that right! No Heat! Click the image to watch just how to curl your hair overnight without heat.

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