Hair Plopping 101: Get Defined Curls Using The T-Shirt Curls Method

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

How to achieve t-shirt curls the right way with out your hair scrunching up in the front.

T-shirt curls otherwise known as hair plopping that are heatless curls that are currently trending on TikTok, T-shirt curls is a heatless method for curly and wavy hair to get more defined curls and waves without spending hours putting rods in your hair just to sleep uncomfortably the entire night! T-shirt curls are about to save you so much time, money and energy and all you need is an old T-shirt to wrap around your freshly washed hair and your favorite curl defining product. Hair plopping has been around for a couple of years now. People have been stuck inside binge watching things and breathing life back into things that has once been forgotten. If you are someone who loves to save time and has a very busy life than the t-shirt curl is going to be something that you do all the time, Yes, you read that right. All the time!

Find your hair type below and click on the image and so you can visually follow along this very simple quick and easy tutorial to get defined curls using the t-shirt curl method.

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Hair Plopping 101: Get Defined Curls Using The T-Shirt Curls Method

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