What Is The Difference Between Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair And Non-Stretched Braiding Hair


Are you unsure of the difference between pre-stretched braiding hair and non-stretched braiding hair? Below is a list of images we have compiled to show you the difference between these two types of hair.

The difference between the two is fairly simple. All professional braiders prefer the use of pre-stretched braiding hair because it cuts down on braiding time. That means they can now book more customers without spending extra time stretching the braiding hair manually.

Pre-stretched braiding hair

Cheap braiding hair
Pre-Stretched Braiding hair

Pre-stretched braiding hair comes to a point at the end, while non-stretched braiding hair has a blunt cut at the end. The blunt cut isn't a natural look so that is why braiders must stretch the hair manually to achieve the desired length. Manually stretching synthetic braiding hair, for multiple hours a day becomes very painful for the professional installing your hair. So opting to buy pre-stretched braiding hair, cuts down the amount of time you are in a chair and keeps your hands healthy.

Braiding hair
Non Stretched Braiding Hair

Afro kinky hair also comes in non stretched and pre-stretched options. Hairstyles accomplished by afro kinky braiding hair are easy. That is why it does not matter which you choose.

afro kinky twist hair
Afro Kinky Stretched and Non stretched

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