New Ez Braid Platinum Blue 26 in


Product Details:

EZ Braid - Platinum Blue is itch-free, sweat-resistant, ultra-light, and pre-stretched braiding hair to save you both time and money.  EZ Braid is the best braiding hair and has been reviewed and recommended by professional hair braiders as well as satisfied customers.


Popular Styles: 

  • Box Braids/Knotless Braids
  • Feed-In  Braids
  • Rope twist
  • Stitch Braids


Product Highlights:

  • Itch Free
  • Anti-bacterial 
  • Pre-Stretched braiding hair for professional use
  • Pre-layered hair 
  • Natural-looking ends
  • Good lock when hot water set
  • Lightweight



Ez Braid Platinum Blue 26 in

SKU: L090


    Edge Brush/comb +$2.99 

    Ecostyle Black Castor Gel + $4.99

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